GCW Tournament Of Survival 666 (Review)

GCW TOS 666 06.05.2021 The Showboat in Atlantic City, New Jersey Kicking off the deathmatch summer schedule for indy wrestling was GCWs annual deathmatch tournament. With both rising stars and veterans of the deathmatch scene in here it proved to be anyones game. Fuckery Boards Deathmatch: G-Raver vs Effy What a great opener to the card.... Continue Reading →

Separation (2021) Review

Separation is seemingly what happens when someone tries to emulate what A24 is doing in horror, without seemingly getting a single thing right in it.  We follow Jeff, a once famous comic creator, who is now raising his daughter alone after his wife is killed in a hit and run accident. While trying to balance... Continue Reading →

ICW Insane 8 2020 (Review)

ICW Insane 8 Tournament  Dover, WI 08.30.2020 Joey Avalon vs Dominic Garrini vs GQ Giannos vs Matthew Justice As an opener for a deathmatch tournament just nothing in this match seemed to connect. It moved along at a slow and boring pace to where not even Matt Justice could make everyone else not look amateurish. ... Continue Reading →

Wrath Of Man (2021) Review

With Jason Statham reuniting with Guy Ritchie, the man who single handedly helped launch Statham into becoming one of actions biggest stars, one would hope they would be able to rekindle the fire they once had. Sadly though this came across as a generic, uninspired, yet fully functioning crime thriller.

The Resort (2021) Review

What happens when you make a cheap indie horror film with what could a decent premise at a gorgeous location but then seemingly forgot to add almost any of the horror aspects, you get Taylor Chien's film The Resort.  We follow four college students who take a trip to Hawaii for Lex's birthday to chase... Continue Reading →

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